My Note: Life Is Beautiful

“life is beautiful”, the priest at my church used that phrase as the theme of his sermon last sunday.
For a moment, I was wondering why it became the topic. Isn’t it already obvious? Why did he need to emphasize that phrase.

Then I started to realize that not everyone think about life in that way. Even I used to think that life is not beautiful. It fills with hardship, sadness, disappointment, etc.

Yeah, that was before I had enlightened about my own life. I was too stress since I felt like everything was going so wrong. I was so ungrateful.

At one point, realization hit me so hard. I forgot about all happy things I experienced for this whole time. I had drown by all of bad things happened in my life. Hate has controlled me. I totally forgot that I have showered by God’s love, too.
At that moment, I remembered about all of good memories I ever had.

So I realize that it’s all about your point of view of life. You can actually choose whether your life is beautiful or not.
My choice is that life is extremely beautiful….

I learn to forgive myself…

I learn to be grateful…

I learn to be happy… not living in sorrow

Now, here’s coming one question left. Why I naturally think that life is beautiful? How come??

I guess I finaly can forgive myself….

My heart is healed ….

I still face a lot of hardships and bad things, but my brain works much more positively.

So it’s true…. Life is beautiful

Thanks to God, He helps me to beautify my life 🙂

Then, My question…
How about you?^^



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